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BeUnitive & The Un-AFRAID Web App

Every individual is a miracle of creation. Unique from anyone that ever has or ever will exist. An exquisite product of countless generations of natural selection and calculated survival, yet in our remarkable individuality we somehow struggle to realize our potential as individuals and collectively in societies. As if we are asleep to the incredible reality we can achieve.​ What if instead of being told “what to think”, you were simply shown “how to think” and left to contribute to the world in your own unique and invaluable way. What if you could shape the world as it should be instead of as it is? Harnessing the power of your mind-brain-body and using it to bring about unity and enlightenment. Truly connecting with the world around you and progressing in knowledge and understanding until you become the master of your own contentment.​

This is what it means to be Unitive! To identify purpose in our individual existence as well as in the whole of the human family. To challenge artificial constraints created by institutions and governments and to promote collective empathy while preserving individual autonomy while aligning yourself internally and externally. Through a combination of proprietary philosophy, neuroscience, and proven therapeutic techniques, we provide tools to help individuals make better decisions and create more meaningful human connections. Our first creation,, is designed to awaken the mind-brain-body to the internal and external systems that are increasing your Anxiety, Fear, Regret, Addiction, Insecurity, and Depression (AFRAID) and to provide the tools necessary to reduce these AFRAID factors so you can live your best life. Visit to begin your journey out of the darkness and into the light of knowledge.

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